Improved Medical Diagnostics IMD GmbH provides data mining technologies to support medical practitioners in all clinical situations

Our data systems combine the efforts of human experience and analysis with critical computerized back-up.

Adding our data technology to the treating physician’s unique expertise will be a key contributor in reducing wrong medical diagnoses.

Improved Medical Diagnostics IMD GmbH is providing an innovative approach to medical diagnostics.

On the basis of several years of cooperation with at a leading German university hospital , Improved Medical Diagnostics IMD GmbH, registered in Hannover, is offering solutions to improve the diagnostic success rate for all medical situations.

The company seeks to support medical practitioners, health care service providers, health insurers and the pharmaceutical industry.

We bring together an experienced team of four founders which combines a unique understanding of medicine, mathematics and business.

Only Improved Medical Diagnostics IMD GmbH proprietary technology allows the combination of several Data Mining methods and only this company has successfully proven its methods in clinical trials.

Our newly developed diagnostic tool combines several independent data mining methods by utilizing a fusion algorithm to further improve the performance of individual methods. It delivers excellent results for diagnosing a multitude of critical illnesses and for detecting specific or orphan diseases.

Our diagnostic system has reached a phase II level of development and heads for an increased number of diseases and patients.