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The recognition and distinction of malignant diseases in children pose major challenges. The company has developed tools designed to assist the medical profession in this task. Using our unique software allows receiving detailed diagnostic suggestions.

The Improved Medical Diagnostics IMD GmbH diagnostic tool for diagnosing muscle diseases for example will support a correct and timely diagnosis. It can be difficult to decide whether a person who stumbles from time to time or with difficulties lifting heavy weights or gait abnormalities should be further investigated to rule out an underlying condition.

In the pediatric emergency department a quick and reliable diagnostic suggestion is of high importance. IMD’s diagnostic tool supports the healthcare professional in making this decision. For example it occurs relatively frequently for practitioners to miss an unusual presentation of a child with appendicitis. Recurrent bronchitis or pneu- monia can be the first indication of a different disease. A physician wanting to check whether the symptoms indicate an underlying condition can simply proceed to IMD’s respiratory symptom checker.

The Improved Medical Diagnostics IMD GmbH tool supports the medical practitioner in his task. It enables quicker and more accurate results allowing the right drug to be prescribed, reducing cost for unnecessary treatments and increasing the overall success rate of hospitals.

Only Improved Medical Diagnostics’ proprietary technology allows the combination of several Data Mining methods and only Improved Medical Diagnostics has successfully proven its methods in clinical trials over many years.

The Improved Medical Diagnostics IMD GmbH newly developed diagnostic tool combines three independent data mining methods by utilizing a voting algorithm to further improve the already good performance of individual methods. It delivers excellent results for diagnosing a multitude of critical illnesses and for detecting specific or orphan diseases.